Column Options – Dynamics 365 Homepage grid

Hi Everyone,

Today we have enabled 2021 Release Wave 2 on our instance and on just opening the one of the Model Driven Apps, have observed a small icon as Column Options just beside Advanced Filtering.

This new option Column Options comes with the below features.

  • Add new columns, from current or related tables.
  • Remove columns.
  • Change the order of columns in the grid.

On clicking on the button, it opens a small popup on the right side of the screen as below.

By default, it automatically shows the columns which were already added and we can use Add columns to add more columns. The beauty, you will get a search box so that we can easily search for the required field.

We can also move the columns by selecting Move Up or Move down or we can simply drag or drop the columns with a mouse.

There is an option to add the columns from the related entity. Just click on Related and you will see the related entities, just expand it to see the columns.

After doing all the adjustments if you would like to save the view, click on three dots on the ribbon you will see a button as Create View and click on the small icon at the right corner.

You will see a new button as Save as new view.

Hope this helps.

Happy 365’ing

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