Collaboration in Model Driven Apps

Hi Everyone,

Today I was going through the latest features and found a setting on Collaboration under the Features, here is more information on the same.

When you are working on the word document or excel, we could have worked on a few of those documents with other coworkers at the same time and you could have observed on the document the people that were collaborating on the document simultaneously with you. The same thing is also available on Microsoft Teams when you are working on a document. Now we have the same feature available on Model-Driven Apps.

Collaboration is instrumental to organizations and the ability to view the participants and to quickly share a link to the record in Dynamics 365 will increase productivity.

How can we enable it?

  • Login to Power Platform Admin Center.
  • Select the environment where you want to enable this functionality.
  • Click on Settings on the command bar.
  • Product Section then Features and you will see the setting as below.

We can turn on this preview feature by setting the Collaboration to On and we also have the facility to define the co-presence indicator refresh time from here. By default it is set to 60 second and this can be changed.

This feature is currently available on are Account, Contact, Opportunity and Case tables.

When enabling this preview, you’ll notice that the share button now has been moved to the right side of the collaborating users on the record, and there are now two options associated with the ‘Share’ button. The user will see two buttons they can click on: The first button shows ‘Email Link’. As the name suggests, this button will allow users to quickly send an email with the record link out. The second button shows as ‘Manage Access’ which allows users to share the record with other users. Once a record is shared, the user can determine the sharing permissions.

Hope this helps.

Happy 365’ing

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