Move records automatically to Owner’s Queue


Today, we got a requirement from Customers to all the Tasks created in the system should move to the Owner’s respective queue. Then we were thinking of the custom approach and then we got a doubt it should be available in OOB CRM with some configuration settings. After checking, yes it is available.

Go to Customizations -> Entity Information -> Tick the check box which is available just below the Queues as shown in the figure.

Hope this helps.

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Wrong type of attribute UI properties passed to the attribute

Today when are trying to Merge got below error message and there is no log file also to download. Disabled all the plugins, JavaScript on Account entity and tried again but the same error message popped up.

Hence confirmed that there is something other than plugins and custom JavaScript. Went ahead started debugging the OOB JavaScript on Merge button click and got the below error message.
Wrong type of attribute UI properties passed to the attribute “attribute name”

Then understood the problem, we have created a custom field with Whole Number as a datatype and then we realized that the field should be of type Two Options. We have deleted the field and created the field with the same schema name.

1) Remove the field on the form.
2) Save and Publish the form.
3) Add the field back on the form.
4) Save and Publish the form.

Note – I would recommend to not to delete the fields and create again with the same schema. We never know where will it hit us back. Better set the Searchable property to No to the old field and rename it to Do Not Use and create a field with new schema name.

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