Configure Model Driven App Access to the Users – Dynamics 365 CE

Hi Everyone,

In this post, we will go through the steps that are required for the users to get Access on the required apps.

Many times we get requirement to create a new Model-Driven App and when it is created System Administrator and Customizer have access on the app by default. For the other users, we have to give right access to get the App.

The first thing that is needed to get App access is Read Privilege on Model Driven App under Customization tab of the Security Role.

Next thing, you need to give the permission on App. This Apps specific, if there are 10 Apps in the system, we might want to give permission to only 2 App to the User.

For this, Navigate to Settings –>Application –> Apps

Select the App which you wanted to give permission and click on ellipse(…) –> Manage Roles.

Select the roles for which you would like to give access and Save.

Hope this helps.

Happy 365’ing