Preview Contact and Owner information by just hovering on the lookup – Dynamics 365

Hi Everyone,

Today I was testing something on the trail instance and I just hovered on the Contact lookup and saw pop out window like below. I haven’t observed this so far.

Somehow I am impressed with it as this is giving information to the users by just hovering.

When you click on Show More button, the details are opened as a popup. I couldn’t find the form that is being using here to add any of custom fields. If anyone finds, please let me know.

Users can click on Email and Phone links which will open Outlook and or Skype (if it configured else we can pick an app option)

Similarly we can view owner details by hovering on Owner lookup.

When you click on Update your profile, it opens Delve.

Show more opens the information as a popup like below.

These improvements might not be great functional changes but certainly gives good experience to users and make their lives easier for day to day activities.

If you would like to disable these, there is a setting available in System Settings as below and we can disable it.

“Enable users to view contact cards for quick access to contact information”

Hope this helps.

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Auto-Complete Control in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Hi Everyone,

Today I was going through the Field properties and checked Controls tab. Just to understand more clicked on Add Control link and somehow Auto-Complete Control grabbed my attention.

What is Auto-Complete Control?

This control filters an item list as you type and lets you select a value from the drop-down list. For example, you can use this control to let users choose from a dropdown list of states or countries/regions.

To understand it more, I have created a custom entity named as Countries and loaded the data in it.

Navigate to the Customizations area and select an Account form to edit. After the form is open, select the “Country” field and click “Change Properties” -> Controls tab -> Add Control.

Select Auto-Complete and click on Add

You will get the screen to select the properties. First thing, we need to understand is Source here.
We have two options for Source here Option Set and View.

If you choose “Option Set”, you will be prompted to choose an option set.

If you choose “View”, you will be prompted to choose an Entity and View

then we have to choose the field from Source entity.

Click on Ok to save the configurations.
Make sure you select the display options so that Control is shown accordingly.

It shows on UI as below

After knowing this control, I feel this is not utilized much even though it gives good User Experience.

Hope this helps.

Happy 365’ing